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Lewisburg High School defensive corner Cameron Threatt looks to the sideline for the next call in a recent game. Threatt is a Mississippi-Alabama All-Star Game selection and has committed to play at Mississippi State next season. 

“Jalen Ramsey and Richard Sherman. That is probably who I really model my game after,” says a soft-spoken Cameron Threatt.

The quiet, humble cornerback out of Lewisburg said he likes “the guys who like to talk a lot.”

Even head football coach Matt Gehrke said before the interview, “Good luck getting him to talk, I can’t do it most days.”

But it all has to do with what he wants to achieve in his career. His aspirations are not materialistic things like MVPs or championship trophies. It is simply to be remembered as a person, on and off the field. Players like Jalen Ramsey and Richard Sherman do just that, showing they are both bigger than football. For Threatt, it will always be bigger than football.

It all started for at a young age, where he learned what sports were really about: determination. His father instilled in him early that hard work could take Threatt wherever he wanted to go.

“I remember my dad waking me up early in the morning to run, making me run after football games, and even sometimes even running all the way home after the game,” said Threatt. “But that is why I do this. It is that work that was put in me by my parents. It is what pushes me every day.”

When asked about his biggest honor in his career, Threatt said his selection to the Mississippi-Alabama All-Star game means the most to him.

For Gehrke, he knew Threatt would be here five years ago. “I watched him through the junior high games, and you could always tell he had a special athletic ability in him.”

But it wasn’t until Threatt’s freshman year of high school that what Gehrke thought of him was solidified.

“It is when I got to know him in high school that I really just knew. You find out what a good person he is and how hard of a worker he is. It is hard to find those two things in a person and he definitely has it,” said Gehrke. “He has just been so big for this program. A guy like him is just so rare these days.”

All that hard work over the last four years has definitely paid off for Threatt after he committed to Mississippi State in early September. For him, Mississippi State was the perfect school to match what was the most important in his recruiting process. “Joe Moorhead was the only coach who really just connected with my family. It just always felt like home. After we visited there, my mom just got to the car and started crying. We just knew this was my new home.”

So while his new home is set to be Starkville for the next four years, the mark he left on Lewisburg and DeSoto County will not be forgotten.

Alex Gomez is a DeSoto County sportswriter who provides articles for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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