Tony Peavey

Tony Peavey is the new general manager of the Hernando Golf and Racquet Club. Peavey brings more than three decades of experience working at various levels with Kroger at the corporate level. 

Tony Peavey has had his hands working to ensure your grocery experience is top notch for more than 30 years. The Olive Branch resident now has a new goal. That is to assure that the golf, tennis, and dining experience at the Hernando Golf and Racquet Club is also top notch.

Peavey took early retirement after working with the Kroger Corporation for 32 years. He was just recently named the new general manager for the private country club situated at 1000 Bradley Drive.

“I was a store manager, marketing and advertising specialist, human resources manager and had other positions,” Peavey said. “I worked in the general office in Cincinnati and pretty much flew all over the country for training classes on best practices. I was a produce and merchandising manager for the company.”

How that translates into operating a golf and tennis facility comes from Peavey’s background in putting together a successful team.

“My connection is from the operations aspect, training, teaching and coaching people of the expectations of what we do and teamwork,” Peavey said. “My first day here, the first thing that I did was to bring everyone in and we had a team meeting and we discussed the importance of everybody, the feedback of what they do in their job and what’s expected of them. We are a team and we work together as a team.”

With the new ownership group of Drew DePriest, John and Clark Stevenson taking over in April 2018, improvements have been made to the facility that currently boasts about 350 members. Peavey looks to add even more upgrades, especially in the golfing experience.

“We’re working on some of our greens, restructuring and repairing some of our cart paths, and doing some work in some of the low spots with irrigation,” Peavey explained. “We’re doing some things to get more sunlight in, so if it rains, it will dry out quicker.”

Peavey added the club is addressing drainage issues that have damaged some parts of the course layout.

“If water is sitting there, it does a lot of damage to your soil and your turf,” he said. “You’ve got to get that water removed. You want to have the water come and soak in and not hold and stand. Once it stands, it ruins your grass surface.”

Hernando has had the course, located on the city’s north side near Hernando Hills Elementary School, since 1989, when it was initially called Hernando Hills. The new ownership group changed the name as part of its rebranding effort.

However, there is likely still a segment of the golf playing public that does not know of the course’s existence and that is something the new general manager wants to see reversed.

“You’d be surprised the number of people who actually live in this area who didn’t even know Hernando even had a club,” Peavey said. “We want to get that out there to show people what is available. The owners have spent a lot of money and added a lot of updates. We want to make sure the public takes advantage of that.”

How Peavey plans to do that involves working with nonprofit organizations to help them hold events and tournaments at the facility and get more engaged with the Hernando and DeSoto County community.

“I’m planning to get with all of the charity organizations that are available out there from the local agencies to the DeSoto County agencies, teaming up with them and partner on their needs and what they may have, centered around parties and dining experiences, to golf tournaments,” Peavey said.

Another area comes in the growth of the main sports offered: golf and tennis.

“We’re going to be heavily involved in children’s tennis and golf clinics, and some ladies’ clinics,” Peavey said. “We have a lot of ladies that are taking up golf and that’s a growing segment here at the club. Once I can get people here on the property, then they can see the product.”

For more information on the Hernando Golf and Racquet Club, call 662-429-6317 or visit

Bob Bakken is Sports Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune.