Lake Cormorant running back

Jadelldrien Maggett will compete against some of the region’s top athletes at the EXOS Select 50 regional instructional showcase camp on April 24 in Florida.


A Lake Cormorant high school football player will get a chance to showcase his playing skills and hopefully catch the eye of NFL scouts at an upcoming eliteJadelldrien Maggett will travel to Florida in April and compete against other top high school football talent in the EXOS Select 50 regional instructional showcase.

EXOS is the top rated sports performance evaluator which utilizes NFL coaches and players to rank the nation’s most highly touted sports prospects and the best undiscovered talents from various regions.

Maggett participated last year in the camp with 50 other elite athletes from  across the southeast and was ranked 13th out of 50 and fourth among running backs.

The junior said he is excited to be going back this year and has his sights set on being No. 1.

“It’s an amazing honor,” Maggett said. “At first I was a little overwhelmed. I was nervous because I didn’t think I was going to do good. But coming there and seeing these other athletes made me want to compete harder.”

Maggett said he stays in shape by running track and powerlifting, and also works on his jump cut and and changing directions to get prepared for the season.

He played on a hurt ankle last year that kept him out a couple of games, but still managed to run for over 700 yards and seven touchdowns.

Coach Nick Nester said Maggett is a solid player who helps the team out in many ways.

“He plays running back for us and we move him around a bit,” Nester said. “He’s a versatile player that really helps us do a lot of things.”

Nester said the EXOS camp is a great opportunity for him to compete against some of the best high school players in the country.

“I think he could do really good,” Nester said. He’s a very competitive type of player. He’s strong and he is talented. I hope he goes down there and does well and it gives him an opportunity to keep going in football.”

Evaluators noted that Maggett possesses a good attitude, is a balanced runner with a strong low center of gravity frame, and takes coaching directly to the field. They also commented that he has good feet and explosive sure stepping with a quick first step, and could easily have been Top 3 in his group of running backs.

Maggett’s mother, Janyce Stapleton, said she was proud of her son and is excited to see how he does this year.

“He’s a good player,” Stapleton said. “He gets good grades. He works. When we went last year, seeing the alumni and getting to work with NFL coaches and players, that was something he will never forget.”

Many current and former NFL players including Kansas City Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes have participated in EXOS showcases. In 2017, a record 84 players were selected in the NFL draft, including 16 in the first found, sic in the Top 10, and 41 percent of the Top 100 players.

Maggett said he would like to continue playing football in college and is hopeful that he will get noticed.

“I’m ready,” Maggett said. “I would love to play college football at a big school. I like the energy. So i’m going for the number one ranking this time.”


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