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Olive Branch native and former pro baseball catcher Ed Easley, recently retired after 10 pro seasons, has started the Easley Baseball Club, geared to help develop young baseball players in DeSoto County and the Mid-South area. First tryouts for the organization will begin Monday.

Beginning with the first tryouts on Monday, Olive Branch native and former pro baseball catcher Ed Easley will start putting the pieces together of what will be the newest baseball development club for youngsters to compete and improve their diamond skills.

The Easley Baseball Club (EBC) came together when Easley, who last year retired after a 10-year pro career spent in the Arizona, St. Louis and Pittsburgh organizations, including stints with the Memphis Redbirds and the parent Cardinals, was joined by Lewisburg assistant baseball coach Shaker Turner in the program that will teach baseball and much more, Easley said.

“I had a coach my first year in pro ball who sat me down day one and he laid out the rules for us,” Easley said. “There was only one rule and that was to be respectful. That kind of took care of everything. That’s our motto to teach kids how to be respectful and play the game hard.”

A former Mississippi Gatorade baseball Player of the Year, All-American and winner of the Johnny Bench Award as the nation’s top collegiate catcher, Easley is also being assisted by other former college baseball players who he either played with at Mississippi State or has relationships with and are wanting to help out.

Development is another word Easley mentioned as a priority for the organization.

“Yes, we want to win,” Easley said, “But we want to see the guys from where they start at the beginning of the year look back and see that they got better at the end of the year.”

The formation of the EBC teams, including showcase teams for ages 14-18, will start with tryouts on Monday at the Olive Branch High School baseball field for 7U-8U age groups from 3:30-6 p.m., followed by 9U-10U at 6:30-9 p.m. Another 9U-10U tryout is set for Wednesday, June 28 at 3:30 p.m. on the Olive Branch diamond.

Tryouts for age groups 11U-12U are set for the Germantown, Tenn. High School field on Tuesday, June 27 and in Olive Branch on Wednesday, June 28.

Exact tryout times and registration information is available on the website, www.easleybaseball.com.

Successful players after tryouts are completed will be a part of teams that will play in a number of tournaments this fall, Easley said.

“We’ll be in about 3-4 tournaments locally this fall,” Easley said. “We will do a lot of organizational workouts and winter workouts to develop the players that we have up into the spring of 2018, when things will really start to crank up.”

For more information, contact Easley at 901-219-0578 or email ed@easleybaseball.com.

Bob Bakken is Sports Editor and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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Sorry not sorry but the guy didn't retire he was released. Understand you are promoting him but most everyone around him knows it anyway so why not just tell the truth? He had a good run and made 1-2 trips to big league but didn't cut it. End of story.


davemal... Hello sir, I don't know you but I will say a prayer for you once I am done with this post. The mere fact that you took your moment to diminish the accomplishments of this young man is troubling.

I am assuming that you've played or participated in the sport in some fashion and you know the time, work, and dedication it takes to play this sport on a competitive level. This young man made it to the show regardless of what you think of his success but he made it. He played for one of the top college programs in the country, won the most prestigious awards for a college catcher and was drafted by a professional team. How can you summarize that by saying he didn't cut it?

You also felt the need to mention that he didn't retire but was released instead. Being that he was released didn't mean that he couldn't tryout for another organization. All that means is that he was fired. So, if someone of retirement age is fired and decides to retire versus looking for another job do you say they didn't retire?

I admire this young man had a 10yr professional career between minor and major league baseball. There are millions of kids that start playing this game with the dream of one day making it to the dance as one would say but only a had full actually get to live that dream. If that dream was only for a day them then I say never stop dreaming.

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