Hobbs Red Devil Courage Award

Germantown, Tenn. baseball coach Casey Calloway joined Lyzz and Center Hill assistant baseball coach French Hobbs, along with son John before a recent game where John was given the first Red Devil Courage Award after being declared free of cancer. French Hobbs coached at Germantown before coming to Center Hill.

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There are times opposing forces in sports take a moment to combine to do something for good. Two teams reached across the baseball diamond the other night to do just that.

Though Germantown, Tenn. High School won a recent baseball game against Center Hill 7-5, both teams were together celebrating another victory that night in the pre-game activities ahead of the contest.

John Hobbs, young son of Center Hill assistant baseball coach and former Germantown assistant coach Justin French Hobbs, was celebrated for achieving a life-changing event: being cancer free.

Since this past August, the youngster has been dealing with a cancer that had developed inside his entire right sinus cavity and protruded into John’s throat area.

He was quickly admitted to a hospital and it was determined the cancer was a rare form of cancer called Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma.

Doctors from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital got involved and John became a patient there, undergoing a full range of treatment, including chemotherapy.

The final series of chemotherapy treatments was finished recently and shortly after that, the Hobbs family was given the declaration that John was free of cancer.

The connection with Germantown, Center Hill and the Hobbs family is that French Hobbs used to be on the coaching staff of Germantown baseball before coming to Center Hill. John was born during that time and the Germantown baseball community has backed the Hobbs family during John’s health issues.

When the two teams played last week, John and the Hobbs family were given the Germantown school’s first Red Devil Courage Award on behalf of the team, led by coach Casey Callaway.

Germantown also took up donations that night for St. Jude on behalf of the Hobbs family.

The outpouring of support left quite an impression on the Hobbs family, said French Hobbs.

“The love and support that we have received from the Germantown baseball family from the first day I coached there has let us know that we will always be Red Devils,” French Hobbs said. “John receiving the award says more about them than it does anything. The coaches, players and families at Germantown will always hold a very special place in our families’ hearts.”

Sometimes in sports, it’s more than just the final score.

Bob Bakken is Sports Editor and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 240.

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