Aaron Jeffers

Philemon 1:6 “And I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.”

We want the most we can get out of life. It is said that the three most important words in real estate are, “Location-Location-Location.” Piggybacking off that statement a person chimed, “What are the three most important words in gaining traction in the spiritual life? ‘Humility-Humility-Humility.’”

Here are three ways that humility can help you share your faith and become effective in the knowledge of every good that that Christ has given you:

Step One: Humility that takes the faith of Christ for personal faith.

Jesus at Gethsemane came to the realization that he was about to literally become the sin of the world (ref. 2 Corinthians 5:21). Every prodigal and dastardly deed that all of us would commit past-present-future, would be placed on him to the extent that he would literally become our sin, every obstacle that stood between us and God. Jesus’ faith was that God’s benevolence, love, and mercy would triumph over that evil. If God can raise Christ from the dead with his love and grace after becoming sin, that truth is sufficient to expel any doubt we could have for God’s love.  

Step two: Humility that receives the gift of grace.

Grace means gift. God’s love is a gift. The moment we try to merit, prove, or validate God’s love for us because of what we did or do… we contaminate that gift. A gift/grace loses its transforming power in our life when it ceases to be a gift.

Step three: Humility that daily fires the flesh/ego as CEO.

God is the most brilliant, loving, and all-powerful being in the universe. Our flesh/ego has the default setting of being selfish. Why not default to God’s wisdom, power, and love instead of our flesh? 

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