Carmen Kyle

 The Google Operations Center under construction in Southaven is investing 10 million dollars into Mississippi this year alone. This puts our residents to work and stimulates the economy. And with so many small businesses in the state, we know the effect that platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter can have on driving sales and increasing our customer base. I am concerned that recent House antitrust bills will suppress our booming tech industry. America cannot remain a modern world leader without the digital tools of the 21st century.

For the past 245 years we created our own laws, so why are we reverting to European-style bills that create big government overreach and curb our economic growth?  Under an “anti-monopoly” front, these bills attack small businesses and entrepreneurs. The legislation would make it harder for the small business owners who depend on online resources to promote their business. It also bans industry leaders from conducting mergers and acquisitions; this is anti-business and un-American. 

To drain the industry that kept businesses and schools connected during a pandemic is counterproductive. Mississippi does not want economic regression; I urge representatives in Washington to think of our small business owners when they vote. We must stop these invasive bills from ruining our economy and letting adversaries like China dominate the world’s tech industry.

Carmen Kyle served as executive director of Southaven Chamber of Commerce and now works in the financial sector.

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