To the Editor,

It is unfortunate that members of your community support sexual assault. 

To watch, especially women, find  Trump’s performance hilarious as he mocked a woman who experienced sexual assault is surely reflective of individuals who need to do some serious self examination.  Otherwise they are not worthy to mop Dr. Ford’s floors.

Pamela Kincheloe, Manassas, VA

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I know, of course, there are thousands of good, decent, caring people in DeSoto County. But I also know that millions of good Americans are aghast at what they saw Tuesday night, at people of DeSoto County guffawing – Out of sheer stupidity? Out of malice? Out of what? – at a woman who was sexually assaulted as a 15-year-old girl. Where does this evil come from? Is there any reflection going on there about how a great nation has been brought to this very sad point in our history? Are there clergymen who will explain to their congregants this Sunday that Donald Trump is the antithesis of what Christ taught? Charles Hanley, New York.

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