I read your article in the July 13 issue of the Desoto-Times-Tribune about history testing in our state school systems, and would like to comment on it.  

This example is the result of 60 years of the left wing liberal’s influence on our society. The idea that diversity is the primary reason for the continued existence of our country is absurd.  I agree it can be a factor, but not a dominant factor. It should be addressed by the percentages of the population.  

It is said that to eat an elephant you take one bite at at a time, hence the devaluation of our education system one bite at a time over decades of time.  I bet that the test takers did not know Sherman burned Atlanta in 1865, or that U.S. Grant won the battle of Vicksburg in 1863. My question is “when do we start to correct the errors of our forefathers, hopefully, before it is too late?”  

It is much easier and less expensive to correct programming than printed textbooks!!!!

Tom Bentley, Nesbit

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