Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

 I have been a resident of Horn Lake for nearly 20 years. I have seen many issues come before our Board of Aldermen, some good some, not so good. I have witnessed the city decline under the past and current” Good Ole Boy” Leadership on Goodman Road. I am sorry to admit it but, it appears, in my opinion, we still have this issue right down to the legal representation.

The latest issue, the fireworks ordinance, has brought forward and proven just how deep the “Good Ole Boys” are on our board!  

The fireworks issue was brought forward due to the obvious issues with the sale of items which are getting larger and louder. The abusive and unnecessary multiple hours/days of sale, and let’s not forget, the late-night sales by vendors who only care about profit, not people!

The misconduct by many in our city brought facts to light. Resident’s homes burnt to the ground, cars went up in flames, kids shooting fireworks at residents, a pavilion was burnt down, multiple brush fires, and this was what was only reported.

The ordinance was and still is still totally ridiculous.  I am sure it will be much worse due to the lack of common sense of some of the elected officials located on Goodman Road, the Mayor, and some of our board.

Board members Klein and Guice were on a committee with a fireworks vendor to address a new ordinance.  Yes, the Mayor placed a fox in the hen house by appointing American Fireworks to sit on the committee.  The new proposal was a joke at best.  The facts were brought out by Alderman Bostick, Dupree, and Young.  They spoke on the committees’ incoherence, not caring, obvious neglect of current laws and ordinances, and additional issues were blatantly obvious. Yet, these issues were completely ignored by the Good Ole Boys, which included an Alderwoman.

The new “ordinance” was nothing new.  From what I could tell, it was and is exactly what American Fireworks wanted!  I just wonder if they are part of the good ole boy network.  I have heard many comments from individuals in the last few days like this, “That man has money, he bought that ordinance” Is this true? I don’t know. However, this façade of an ordinance sure makes voters wonder.

 The City of Horn Lake needs QUALITY LEADERSHIP, not what we saw from our mayor and the group four alderman that apparently have zero idea why they are sitting in those seats.  Alderman Dupree, Bostick, and Young stood up for ALL of Horn Lake.  

How might you ask?   The city promotes and pays for an amazing fireworks display for everyone to enjoy.  They allow any celebration in the city with a permit through the fire department at any time. They continually pushed back on the misdirected and ill-advised proposal, they fought hard and stood with the residents, not profits.

Our citizens, by a large majority, requested and wanted a decisive reduction on the on-sale dates, days of use, the times they could be sold / shot and possibly a complete ban. What did we get? Nothing that was needed. We are the only city in our county that allows fireworks to be shot. WE are last again!  I thought we wanted our city to get better and grow? 

Many of our citizens have a very negative medical reaction to the shooting of these devices. Veterans, mental patients, older adults, children with ADD/ADHD and other such disorders and let’s not forget dogs and cats too. This group was not considered by the committee nor the mayor or four aldermen in my opinion. 

With the pitiful “ordinance” voted and passed by Alderman Klein, Bledsoe, Guice, and Johnson, apparently it only looks and considers at what they deem as good for them, not the citizens across this city, that’s a real problem, we must answer this issue when the time comes. 

There is a bright side, this city is proud that we finally have board members that care about the needs of everyone and reflect those concerns in their service to our city. They fight for the correct issues and the people; they are not part of the problems Horn Lake has suffered with for years.  Alderman Bostick, Dupree and Young, they stood for everyone. This is the LEADERSHIP we should and can be proud of everyday.

Hopefully, some will decide not to run again, we can sure hope so. However, if these Good Ole Boys and Girls run again… Let’s remember this and choose wisely next time. Horn Lake deserves much better representation.

I would like to see DeSoto Times interview these 3 Aldermen so you can understand my concern and other residents of Horn Lake.


Clara Kirkley

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I love watching the neighbor's fireworks lounging on my patio in my PJs sipping a cocktail. If I had to go to the city fireworks, I'd have to get dressed, drive there, find a place to park, drag my lawn who knows how far to watch a 1 night display. Heaven forbid a port-a-pottie break. With legal fireworks I get several nights of fireworks and since I don't get around well this all works better for me. I'm glad at least 1 city is left that lets people think for themselves and don't feel they know better how I should live my life.

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