Hernando resident John T. Williams announced this week that he is a candidate for Mississippi’s 28th legislative district in the state House of Representatives.

“Like many of us, after COVID hit, I became more and more concerned as I watched our freedoms and liberties being destroyed at an alarming rate,” Williams said in a press release. “The Biden Administration and the left’s “woke” culture have continued their relentless assault on our history, our freedoms, our children, and our Constitution. The good news is the prescription to heal our land is rather simple: adhere to the principles of God’s Word and the founding intent of our Constitution.” 

Williams is a graduate of Hernando High School and holds an accounting degree from Ole Miss and post-graduate from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary.

He is currently the Senior Account Director for LeaseCrunch and has worked in the finance and accounting sector for more than 20 years.

Williams said if elected he will fight for conservative values to limit the size and scope of government, reduce taxes, eliminate regulations that place undue burdens of small businesses, and fight to protect Mississippians’ God-given rights and freedoms from being infringed upon by any government institutions

“The days of sitting idly by and letting others fight our battles for us have passed,” Williams said. “If we want to change the course of direction of our nation, we must leave our comfort zones and get involved at the local and state levels. We must begin electing true, Constitutional conservatives who are willing to stand and fight to protect our freedoms and our God-given rights. 

“It would be my honor to serve the people and the communities that have meant so much to me and my family and do my part to ensure our future generations are able to enjoy those same freedoms and liberties in these same great communities and our beloved state.” 

District 28 includes Hernando, Love, Baker’s Chapel, Alphaba and Cockrum. 

Hernando Alderman “Doc” Harris has also filed to run as a Republican for Dist. 28.


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