Whataburger is coming to Horn Lake.

City Planner Chad Bahr said while the Texas-based hamburger chain hasn’t made any official announcement yet, the company has applied for a site plan approval at 4300 Goodman Road West, by Walmart and Captain D’s.

“This is something they have been working on with us,” Bahr said. “It’s already platted where they want to put it, but they want to combine two existing lots into one.”

Bahr said the plat will come before the Board of Aldermen at it’s Sept. 16 meeting and the site plan will go before the planning commission at its September meeting.

“They have applied for the site plan and we are working on reviewing it,” Bahr told the Board of Aldermen. “If the plat gets approved by the board and the site plan gets approved by the planning commission in September, we could see construction later this year.”

Whataburger, which is famous for its distinct orange and white striped logo and its over sized made-to-order hamburgers, recently opened the first location in Southaven on 176 Goodman Road East in July. A second location at 6829 Goodman Road North at Airways is expected to open in the coming weeks, followed by two more locations in Memphis at Stage Road and North Germantown Parkway and Germantown Road and Macon Road.

Bahr said although the Horn Lake location is far from the interstate, Whataburger identified the west end of Horn Lake as a high growth area. The location is next to the Walmart Supercenter and across the street from Aldi’s. A new McDonald’s will be opening soon and Wendy’s recently broke ground on a new store. Title Car Wash and a new dental office building are also planned.

“In addition to Walmart, you have a lot of new residential growth in that area,” Bahr said. “You have Sage Creek, Rosebury Drive, Belle Meade Road, and Allen Drive. And the Walmart is about to expand there as well. So there is a lot of growth there.”

Alderman Dave Young said landing a Whataburger is huge for Horn Lake.

“This was hush-hush for a while,” Young said. “At one time they looked at the property next to Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers by the interstate. But then they drove around Horn Lake while they were here and saw the Captain D’s and the McDonald’s coming in. Restaurants draw other restaurants. Plus you have Walmart there and all those subdivisions. I’m telling you, the west end of Horn Lake is fixing to explode with growth. It’s fixing to go nuts there.”

Mayor Allen Latimer said he heard from a lot of residents who were envious that Southaven was getting Whataburger. Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite joked at the groundbreaking for the Whataburger on Getwell Road that people said he would end up in the Mayor’s Hall of Fame for bringing the chain to Southaven.

“It’s funny because when you get a warehouse that is going to have several hundred jobs people say ‘okay.’ But when you say Whataburger, they get super excited,” Latimer said.

Latimer said he hasn’t eaten at the Whataburger in Southaven yet because he’s heard about the long traffic lines, but definitely won’t mind having some of that traffic come to Horn Lake.

“This is really good news,” Latimer said. “We definitely want that traffic. The more cars and customers there, the more development will come down that way. It’s getting more and more attention. And what’s nice is that the developers and our planning commission is holding to some really nice designs so it will all fit together as it grows west.”


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