Tunica Museum donation

The Tunica Museum has received $5,000 from the Bayer Farm for Good Sweepstakes. Accepting the prize money check are (from left) Tunica Museum Board member Daniel Smith, George Pace Perry Jr. and Mikelle Perry, Rochelle Siggers, board member and Peyton Fiser, Bayer Representative. Not pictured: Tunica Museum board members- James Boyd, Marilyn Williams, and Richard Taylor, Director of Tunica Museum.

The Tunica Museum is one of 10 organizations to receive a $5,000 donation through the Bayer Farm for Good Sweepstakes. 

The Tunica Museum was designated by George Pace Perry Jr., of Tunica, one of 10 entrants chosen to direct a donation to the organization of his choice.

“The Tunica Museum is the heart and soul of our community since it was established 23 years ago,” said Perry. “It has grounded our young people and students in the knowledge of the common accomplishments of Tunica County, as all of our people have worked together.”

The Tunica Museum was founded to preserve and teach the history of Tunica County for future generations. The museum hosts school and summertime programs and has featured exhibits from the Smithsonian. Museum visitors follow the path of the Native Americans to the bright lights of the casino in Tunica County. The museum also features an early European exploration and settlement exhibit, as well as 19th and 20th century social, agricultural, political and commercial history.

“The museum provides information on our county history to area visitors and tourists. The Tunica Museum improves the quality of life for every visitor. It is our hope that the Tunica Museum will continue to serve our community for many years to come,” Perry said.

Tunica Museum Director Richard Taylor said the Farm for Good funds will be used towards a new air conditioning system to make the building more comfortable for visitors during the summer months.

“It feels like a double A-plus and an answer to a prayer to receive this donation from the Farm for Good Sweepstakes,” said Taylor. “It’s great to know someone cares about little town America, that’s what the museum is all about. We may not be a big city like New York or Los Angeles or Chicago, but there’s still a lot of history here. The donation will help the Tunica Museum celebrate the history and accomplishments our community has made working together.”

Bayer created the Farm for Good Sweepstakes earlier this year to support the many growers who are active in their communities. As part of the program, Southern grower entrants were selected to direct a $5,000 donation to an organization of their choice.

“Our agricultural business at Bayer is based on providing the support growers need agronomically, but we celebrate this opportunity to support them personally,” said Nevada Smith, a regional campaign manager. “Donating to the organizations that matter to them lifts up the rural communities that mean so much to all of us.”

The $50,000 in donations will help provide sports equipment, fire equipment, classroom materials, educational programming and operational support for local organizations.

To enter in the sweepstakes, entrants had to grow 250 acres or more of row crops in one of the eligible states. No purchase was necessary, and entries were limited to one per person. Winners were selected randomly by a third party.

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