Home construction in DeSoto County continues on an upward trajectory due to the overall good economy and high interest by individuals wishing to relocate and build in Mississippi’s fastest-growing county.

Although building permit totals haven’t hit the all-time highs experienced in the mid-2000’s, new home construction in Mississippi’s fastest-growing county continues to set a healthy pace.

“Now that I-269 is open you will see a lot more development,” DeSoto County Board of Supervisors President Mark Gardner said during Monday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

Bennie Hopkins, Director of Planning for DeSoto County, said the housing boom which began in earnest two quarters ago, shows no signs of slowing down.

“I think we continue to trend up, “ Hopkins said. “Based on what we have seen coming before us, we should hit, meet and possibly exceed our permit totals for last year.”

Deputy Director of Planning Austin Cardosi said as of Monday morning, DeSoto County is 25 permits ahead of last year, with a total of 425 in unincorporated DeSoto County and more than 1085 across DeSoto County, including within all municipalities. There was a total of 1,127 permits issued last year.

Starter and mid-size homes are literally being framed up on a daily basis.

“They all hit between the 2,200 square feet and above range,” Hopkins said. "Homes are coming in larger than 2,500 square feet. The typical square footage of a home being permitted in DeSoto County is 2,500 on average.”

According to statistics on file with DeSoto County, home construction is strongest in unincorporated DeSoto County, followed by Southaven and then Olive Branch, Hernando, Horn Lake and Walls.

Southaven saw 300 permits issued, followed by Olive Branch with 268, 75 in Hernando and 46 in Horn Lake, with one new home constructed in Walls.

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