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Gov. Tate Reeves said that social gatherings outside of college football stadiums would be cancelled as the season begins.


“There will be no game-day social gatherings outside of the stadium: rallies, parties or tailgates,” Reeves said in his Thursday press conference. “I know this will not be popular. It’s no fun, and I’ll miss them terribly myself.”


Reeves said that these restrictions would be better than having to shut down college football entirely.


Other restrictions include limits on how close individuals can be inside stadiums and maximizing the number of gates that must remain open during games. Stadiums will be limited to 25% capacity for spectators.


Masks will be required when entering, exiting or moving around the stadium. Only “essential personnel” will be allowed on the sidelines, Reeves said.


Reeves noted that there are already cases on many college campuses, even before students officially begin classes on some.


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