Southaven rudest drivers

Southaven drivers were rated the rudest drivers in Mississippi according to  insurance rate data comparison shopping website Insurify.

A recent survey by an insurance data rate comparison shopping website found that Southaven has the rudest drivers in Mississippi.

According to the survey, with 19.3 percent of drivers per 1,000 cited for rude behavior, motorists in DeSoto County’s most populous city are 30 percent ruder than the rest of Mississippi.

The study was conducted by Insurify, which looked at over four million insurance applications across 869 U.S. cities where drivers submit their driving history including any violations on their record. Rude driving is defined as having one or more driving infractions on record for failure to yield, failure to stop, improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing, and hit-and-runs.

“Southaven came in number one in Mississippi,” said Maia Sutton of Insurify. “But the good news is that Mississippi’s rude driving rate is the second lowest in the nation.”

Mississippi drivers averaged 13.3 rude driving violations per 1,000 driver, compared to the national average of 22.65. 

Sutton said although Southaven’s drivers scored the rudest in Mississippi, its share of rude drivers is still 15.54 percent below the national average.

“Overall, Southaven is pretty good compared to the national average,” Sutton said. “Unfortunately, you’re the worst in Mississippi.”

The rudest drivers can be found in Rancho Cordova, California, whose rude driving rate is 65.37 per 1,000, which exceeds the national average by 65 percent. Two other California cities also topped the list of rudest drivers with Citrus Heights having 64.14 rude driving violations per 1,000 drivers, and Ventura with 64.03.

The most polite drivers can be found in Somerset, Kentucky at 1.62 per 1,000, which is 93 percent lower than the national average. Corbin, Kentucky (1.86), and Rio Rancho, New Mexico (3.81) were the next cities with most polite drivers.

“It is all based on the data we get from  our pool of insurance applications,” Sutton said.  “So based off those, we saw that Kentucky has the lowest rate of rude drivers with only 10.7 per 1,000.”

Across the border in Tennessee, drivers in Lebanon were cited the most for rude behavior with 29.41 per 1,000, which is 33 percent ruder than the state average. In neighboring Alabama, Phenix City is home to that state’s rudest drivers (24.48), while drivers in West Memphis scored the rudest in Arkansas at 27.12 per 1,000, which is 39 percent ruder than the state average. Drivers in Metairie (17.94) were rated the rudest drivers in Louisiana.

Sutton said while rude driving rates vary by state, the most common rude driving violation is for failure to stop, with 14.56 drivers per 1,000 having been cited.

“Every American has their opinion of who has the worst drivers,” Sutton said. “But overall it was very interesting to see based on a state-by-state basis which city in any state is home to the rudest drivers.”

Sutton said even though Southaven is rude by Mississippi standards, compared to the rest of the country Southaven drivers are still on the polite side.

“Even though you make the list, you’re in better shape compared to the rest of the nation. So give yourself some credit for that.”

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