Medical marijuana

“We are the 74” held a rally held in Hernando in August to show local support for medical marijuana.

On December 28, Governor Tate Reeves announced that he would not be signing a bill to approve use of medical marijuana in Mississippi under the current conditions of the proposed bill, despite support of voters. 

Reeves said in a statement that as a father, he could not sign a bill that allows such a large amount of marijuana on the streets of Mississippi. 

This decision has left many citizens of the state and DeSoto County disappointed and confused. 

DeSoto County community activist Kelly Jacobs said although she is angry, she is not shocked by the governor’s decision. 

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised,” Jacobs said. “He stated he would support the will of the people, and that’s not what he’s doing, once again.” 

Jacobs suggested that those that are unhappy with Governor Reeves’ decision need to speak out to local and state officials. 

“Our only option is to tell our elected officials to override his veto,” Jacobs said. “That’s the only way we can get past this.” 

Reeves pointed out that he thinks the bill allows for too much marijuna to be available. Instead of the proposed 3.5 grams of marijuna, he wants to lower that number by half. 

“Tate Reeves is not a doctor,” Jacobs said. “He is not qualified to make those claims, simple as that.” 

Representative Hester Jackson-McCray said the decision was not what the people voted for, and she hopes to see the bill passed. 

“I really don’t like it,” Jackson-McCray said. “The people voted for it, and we need to give them what they want.” 

Jackson-McCray is encouraging residents who may be unhappy with Reeves’ action to stay positive.

“Don’t be discouraged, let’s get this passed,” Jackson-McCray said. “If it takes the amount being lowered, we can always go back later and change that. The main thing right now is to get it passed.” 

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