DeSoto County Administration Building

DeSoto County Administration Building

DeSoto County Supervisors this week heard from a representative of C Spire, the service provider that is in the midst of installing fiber to provide what it terms “ultra fast gigabit internet” service in areas of the county. 

While the Board of Supervisors has no jurisdictional oversight of what C Spire is doing in the municipalities the installation is taking place, individual supervisors have recently received calls from residents about C Spire’s work. That was behind the presentation by Chase Bryan, with C Spire’s home office in Ridgeland, the morning of Sept. 16.

Property values increase in areas where the fiber ultra fast internet is available, according to Bryan. “Even if someone doesn’t subscribe to our service, just by having the fiber optics infrastructure passing their home, that increases their property value,” he said.

The internet available is called “symmetrical,” meaning the upload and download speeds of up to 1 gigabit are at that level both coming and going.

Residents who are wondering about the progress of the installers have access to, where they may type in their home address and learn the status of the install.

Bryan added that, ahead of the installation work, flyers and door hangers were to be placed at each residence with phone numbers of supervisors in charge of the installation for their particular area.

“When we come in to do this construction, we distribute this flyer to all of the residences,” said Bryan. “We’ll direct mail it, our consultants will put it out in the neighborhood and we’ll give it to the HOA president or board.”

Bryan did hear concerns from supervisors who were told there were trucks that were not labeled doing work, which Bryan said was not C Spire.

“Sometimes our competitors will be out there doing work and we will be confused with them because they will have unmarked vehicles,” Bryan said. “Our trucks are labeled and you will have contact information for the crew that is out there working.”

Bryan also said in cases where other utility services were cut in the course of digging for the fiber, “98 percent of the time those utilities were mislabeled.”

Supervisor Bill Russell did press for, and the Board did ask, for information on where C Spire was working each day, which Bryan said C Spire could provide to the Board.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune.