Board of supervisors

From left, Board Attorney Tony Nowak, Board President Mark Gardner, County Administrator Vanessa Lynchard and Supervisor Lee Caldwell check the agenda ahead for another regular board meeting Monday morning in Hernando.

DeSoto County supervisors Monday tackled a couple of zoning issues but also held a short discussion about the handling of notices to code violators.  

Supervisors approved giving legal authorization notice to owners of property at 6235 Stateline Road and 8867 Scenic Ridge.

There have been complaints about 18-wheel semi trailer trucks being improperly parked at one location and the other location has had complaints about wrecker trucks being left for an illegal period of time.

“There’s a new property owner and they have a new wrecker business,” said Director of Planning and Building Bennie Hopkins about one of the locations. “They frequently bring trucks and vehicles and park them, so we’ve gotten complaints and we want to receive legal authorization to notify these property owners.”

County officials asked the board to give them legal authorization to move forward against the properties, which was given.  

However, the conversation turned when District 3 Supervisor Bill Russell brought up an issue about when more than one department issues notices to the same resident.  

“We really to work out a better arrangement,” Russell said. “We’ve got a situation here where we got 18-wheelers parked in a yard and we’ve got junk. Two different departments would handle this and he’s got different letters coming from two different departments. We need to fix this so that one department handles all this stuff.”

“That’s something we have talked about,” responded County Administrator Vanessa Lynchard. “The fact is that there’s code enforcement under the zoning ordinance and then there’s code enforcement under the litter ordinance.”

Russell said there should an agreement in cases such as this of what department is handling the matter, instead of departments duplicating the same process and actions.

Supervisors and Lynchard agreed there would be further consideration of Russell’s request.  

A rezoning request by Tony Jones of Olive Branch was approved to rezone property south of Highway 302 and west of Polk Lane from A-R to C-2, allowing for commercial development.

Jones and the board did not specifically voice what would be going on the land once the rezoning was approved. However, Jones and the board went through a lengthy list of the types of items that could be placed there under the rezoning and struck some of those items for this particular zoning item to prevent that type of business from locating there.  

The measure had been tabled from a recent meeting for Monday’s consideration.

During the morning session, supervisors also approved the issuance of a proclamation commending the Horn Lake High School football team on last weekend’s MHSAA state Class 6A state championship. Plans were to invite the team to a future board meeting to have the proclamation presented.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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