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Barriers set up due to flooding on the road kept traffic on Holly Springs Road from getting much past the Catfish Country restaurant Thursday. The road was reopened Friday morning by DeSoto County officials.

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A deluge of rainfall across the Mid-South these past few days has resulted in the closing of some roads and the potential for even more flooding in low-lying areas, DeSoto County Road Manager Andy Swims said Friday.

"It (weather) has had a cumulative effect on roads in the county," Swims said as he eyed approaching storms expected today (Saturday). "We're expecting a very heavy storm to come through today that brings a risk of tornadoes as well. We'll definitely see several more inches of rain."

A break in the weather has allowed some roads which had been closed to re-open, according to Swims.

Holly Springs Road, between Catfish Country and Dairy Barn, is now back open after being closed for a time, as is County Line Road between Smith and Alphaba Road, Brantley Road between Wilson Mill and U.S. Highway 61, and Grass Pond Road between Richardson Lane to the dead end.

"Holly Springs is back open again," said Swims of the main thoroughfare along the Coldwater River bottoms.

The road is poised to under go a $15 million to $20 million renovation if funding can be secured from local, state and federal funding sources. The roadway and two bridges would be elevated to alleviate flooding. "But we've got Conger Road, off Fogg Road, in Supervisor Lee Caldwell's district, which has completely flooded and is getting worse. It will not be accessible."

Swims said the heavy rainfall has not only affected local creeks and tributaries but the mighty Mississippi River itself.

"We are expecting the Mississippi River to continue to rise and next week, it will affect everything downstream. Arkabutla will be overtopping the emergency spillway road before too longhand that will be affecting Conger Road. Clifton Road has also had some water overtopping it. We'll be watching everything."

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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