Janie Walker of Child Evangelism Fellowship is hoping to bring the faith-based Christian after school program to more and more schools in the region.

You can hear it in the upbeat sound of her voice and almost infectious, bubbly personality. Janie Walker has some good news to share and her audience is aimed at both young and old alike.

Walker, with the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Memphis, said her target audience is more than 1,000 school age children who are eager to hear the Word of God.

"In early 2014, I was approached by a patient of Dr. Robert Seymour of Hernando to pursue having a Good News Club in DeSoto County Schools," said Walker, who spoke recently to the Rotary Club of Hernando. "We were given approval to start our first club at Chickasaw Elementary in 2014. We are in 20 schools in the Memphis Metro Area and now in two schools in DeSoto. God is working in DeSoto County with the Good News Club. We would like to be in every school in DeSoto County."

Walker said the organization's mission is decidedly Christ-centered. "Our mission statement says that we want to give every child an opportunity to know about Christ."

Walker said the program's outreach is worldwide. Child Evangelism Fellowship is the world's largest mission agency to children. In an average year, CEF reaches more than 19 million children in every state and around the world.

Camps are offered during the summer, with the next Good News Camp slated for the weeks of June 25 through July 1 and the week of July 2-8.

"Christian Youth in Action is an exciting opportunity for middle and high school youth to embark on urban ministry," Walker said.

So many children across the globe never have a chance to hear the Gospel, according to Walker.

"Child Evangelism Fellowship is a mission that reaches children around the world," Walker said. "We are in many, many countries in the world. Reaching children is a great work. We share with them the message that if they put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ they will have eternal life."

Walker said statistics show that half of the children in the United States live in a metropolitan area. A large percentage of those children are "unchurched."

"Liberal thinking is that children should just believe in themselves and they will be all right," Walker said. "But working with children, I have found they are great receptors to the truth in the Gospel that hope, joy and eternal salvation comes from the Lord."

For more information about the Good News Club call 901-726-9084.

Robert Lee Long is Community Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune. He may be contacted at or at 662-429-6397, Ext. 252.

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So here's what Robert Long is NOT reporting...
The Good News Club is a fundamentalist Christian organization that teaches little kids they're going to go to h e l l, or as they put it, be "eternally separated from their parents and everyone they love" if they don't accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, thus choosing a life of sin instead. To the GNC, there are only 2 options. Jesus or h e l l. This is a type of psychological abuse they use to convince children to not only dedicate themselves to the GNC's literal interpretation of the bible, but also preach to their "unchurched" friends and try to get them to join. Their underhanded practices and lack of transparency (to parents and the community) have opened them up to criticism. Feel free to google them for more info or go to Whenever they're criticized they claim innocence and take the "persecuted Christain" route. It's disgusting.

One Citizen's Voice

There should be no problem with children being raised within a religious framework that teaches pro-social attitudes and behaviors, and which are voluntarily chosen by their parents. But if one government cent is spent on these after-school programs, then there is a problem. For instance, children raised in Catholic schools for years have predominantly done exceptionally well, but parents and the supporting diocese are subsidizing that education, not the taxpayer.

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