Southaven Rasco full depth reclamation

A crew from Double T Construction works on a paving project.

Southaven has hired contractors to do a full depth road reclamation project on portions of Rasco and College Road that are crumbling under the weight of heavy traffic.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen awarded the project to low bidder Double T Construction LLC for $615,071. Lehman Roberts Co., who submitted the second lowest bid, will serve as the alternate contractor.

Contractors will grind up Rasco Road from Park Ridge Drive east to Getwell Road and College Road from Marcia Louise Drive east to Getwell, bring the subsurface to a proper thickness, and then overlay the road.

Mayor Darren Musselwhite said the roads were not built properly or meant to be used as arterial roads, and can’t handle the wear and tear from the traffic.

“This was a screw up,” Musselwhite said. “That part of Rasco just dead ended into a residential neighborhood. But then we cut the road through. It wasn’t just a collector street. It’s getting arterial road traffic. So it wasn’t built to handle it.”

Danny Cordell, an engineer with Civil-Link, said full depth reclamation is a new repair tool that is now available for road projects.

“The contracts that we did, did not have this method of repair included in it,” Cordell said.

Full depth reclamation is a process of pulverizing and blending all layers of an asphalt pavement as well as the underlying base materials to provide a more solid base to place a new surface over.

The process addresses issues with the subgrade stability or where base failures have occurred or where increased bearing capacity is desired.

Cordell said full depth restoration is a better and more cost efficient option than continued patching.

“The reason we are using this method is because some of the streets we are doing we are going back behind some work that, to be honest, just wasn’t adequate,” Cordell said. “This way, we can go in and mix in a base eight or ten inches thick so we know what is below it for the whole width.”

Cordell said the city received two good bids for the job and that Double T does a lot of asphalt work.

“They’re a reputable asphalt company,” Cordell said. “Double T does a lot for MDOT. They overlaid some  on Goodman Road here in our last section. Their primary business is asphalt.”

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