Southaven water meters

Southaven is installing new automated information water meters.

Technicians are beginning the next round of installing new automated water meters at homes in Southaven.

Mayor Darren Musselwhite said crews from Pedal Valve, Inc. are working to replace the old meters with the new radio read Badger meters, which are more efficient.

The advanced metering infrastructure collects customer’s water use information and transmits the data remotely directly to Southaven Utilities Division on a daily basis.

The meters provide the most accurate measurement of customer’s water usage, help identify irregularities, detect leaks, and eliminates the need for someone to come on the property to manually read the meter.

Musselwhite said the city has been studying the conversion from manual water meter reads to an automated system for over a decade. The new meters provide faster service and more reliable billing based on actual usage. 

“The automated function allows the city to be more accurate in helping our citizens with their correct water usage and quickly detecting leaks,” Musselwhite said.

The automated meters will also save the city money with the increased efficiency.

“It is projected to save $219,180 and add $543,528 in revenue from improved read accuracy totalling an estimated recurring annual benefit to the City of $762,708,” Musselwhite said.

The cost of the meters is $7,855,035.

Southaven has almost 18,000 water customers and the installation of the new meters is about 32 percent complete.

According to the city’s website, customers will receive about a 48 to 72 hour notification prior to work starting. Replacing the water meters will require the installers to briefly turn off the water. Installation should take less than 30 minutes. There is no cost to customers for the upgrade, however customers may experience an increase in their first water bill because the meter is measuring water consumption more accurately.

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