Snowden Bridge

UrbanArch Associates recently completed the designs for the Snowden pedestrian bridge.

Several Southaven infrastructure projects have been delayed because of COVID-19.

The construction on both the sidewalk Main Street Pedestrian Project and the Snowden Pedestrian Bridge project have been delayed until Sept. 2021. 

According to a blog post from Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite, UrbanArch Associates completed the designs for the Snowden pedestrian bridge. The bridge will be built over Getwell at May Boulevard and connect to new trails planned for Central Park and Snowden Grove Park. Supply chain issues caused by the pandemic have also increased the pre-bid estimate for the bridge from between $1.2-1.6 million to $1.9 million. 

The City of Southaven has also awarded Ferrell Paving the contract for the Main Street Pedestrian Project. It will add sidewalks to Main Street that extend from Highway 51to Northwest Drive, and then to City Hall and Saucier Park. Ferrell’s winning bid was for $1,393,727.42. Federal funding administered by the Mississippi Department of Transportation is covering $991,341 of the cost, with the city responsible for the remaining $487,386.42. 

Musselwhite has touted the Snowden bridge as a major boon for businesses in the area and expects the project to create “an entertainment district that our city has never had.”  Musselwhite has also said that it will address traffic and congestion issues in the area.

The pedestrian projects are still underway as Southaven looks to expand its infrastructure in the near future.

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