Southaven Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Carmen Kyle said Wednesday her organization continues to do its work for businesses of the state’s third largest city, despite a truck colliding with the Chamber’s office Tuesday morning.

About 3 a.m. Tuesday, an 18-wheel semi-trailer truck somehow found its way into the Chamber’s parking lot off Main Street and by making too sharp a turn in trying to leave, ripped a corner of the building’s outdoor patio roof.

Adding to the frustration is that the truck then left the scene without indicating to anyone what had happened.

Security camera footage of the incident showed what happened. As the truck tried to make its way around the back of the building to return to the street, the patio and building shook when the trailer struck it.

The truck appeared to back up for a moment and then hit the corner of the roof again on its way out.

As initially seen, the video shows no markings or any indication of where the truck came from or who it belongs to. Kyle intimated they may try to have the video enhanced to see if anything can be seen on the side of the truck.

Internet and phone service to the Chamber office was affected by what happened but was quickly repaired and all services are back and functioning.

“This has not deterred our ability to serve our members and we will continue to impact and promote the community of Southaven,” Kyle said. “That’s what we do and and we are going to continue working to get our facility repaired.”

The outdoor patio area used to be the drive-thru area for what used to be a bank building. Gateway Bank and then Trustmark Park used the facility before it was vacated and sat empty before its purchase by the Chamber of Commerce.

The non-profit business promotion arm uses the area for functions and it was made available for other uses as needed.

Police and Chamber officials are asking for the public’s help to determine the truck that crashed and then left the scene of the accident.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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