Farmers Market

Southaven Board of Aldermen approved new guidelines to allow the farmer's market on the corner of Hwy. 51 and Main Street to re-open.

Southaven farmer’s market will be re-opening soon in time for the fall harvest season.

Mayor Darren Musselwhite said the city has already made some repairs to the facility to make it functional again, and hopes to get it up and running within the next week.

“Our plan is to open it immediately,” Musselwhite said. “We understand it is late in the growing season, but we want to go ahead and start now and get the interest back for people for the future.”

The farmer’s market has been closed for over a year, but Musselwhite said he heard from residents who wanted to see it re-open again during the campaign and agreed that it would be a good idea to get it re-started.

The farmer’s market is located at the corner of Hwy. 51 and Main Street next to Fire Station 1.

Musselwhite said he expects vendors will still be able to sell pumpkins for Halloween, pecans, fruit preserves, and other late season products. 

“We’re hoping to at least get the ball rolling and some interest going again,” Musselwhite said. “Thats the purpose of doing it now.” 

The Board of Aldermen approved a resolution setting the rules and guidelines for the farmer’s market. 

City Attorney Nick Manley said the regulations are similar to what was put in place back in 2015 when the farmer’s market was started.

Vendors will be charged $20 a week or $50 a month to lease a space at the market, and must sign a waiver holding the city harmless from all claims, damage, or losses arising from participating in the farmer’s market.

The market will be open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed on Sundays. The facility is only intended for vendors selling fresh homegrown fruits and vegetables and homemade food items. Vendors should be the originator of at least 80 percent of their products with no reselling of items, and will be responsible for keeping their space clean and removing all garbage. The city shall have the right to dismiss any vendor who violates the rules.

“The regulations and requirements can be revised moving forward if things need to be revised or altered,” Manley said. “But for tonight, this just sets everything in place and gets the ball rolling again and in our minutes that it has been approved so it can be officially established.”

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