Snowden pedestrian bridge

The span for the pedestrian bridge near the May Boulevard entrance to Snowden Grove Park arrived in Southaven. City officials expect to have it installed sometime between Aug. 20-22.

The metal span which will form the basis for the Snowden pedestrian bridge arrived in Southaven on Monday, and officials expect to have it up and in place in about two weeks.

“It’s on site,” said Mayor Darren Musselwhite. “If you ride down May Boulevard you can see the actual bridge.”

The $1.9 million bridge is located near the May Boulevard entrance to Snowden Grove Park and was designed by UrbanArch Associates. When completed, the bridge will link the city’s walking trails at Central Park and Snowden Grove Park, as well as help with traffic and safety flow along Getwell Road and May Boulevard as development progresses at the $225 million, 288-acre commercial, retail and entertainment area at Silo Square. The bridge will also serve as a four-way traffic signal.

The bridge design is similar to ones at Vanderbilt University, the University of Missouri, and one in Foley, Alabama. City officials envision the bridge will be an iconic feature along with Snowden Grove Park, and become a marketing tool to increase tourism.

The bridge will be assembled on the ground and then lifted into place by a crane.

Musselwhite said the city is in discussions with the contractor about the best time to install the bridge.

“These people are prepared to do it,” Musselwhite said. “We are just trying to find an optimal time to do it. Because of the traffic situation on Getwell, we obviously would not do it during rush hour time. So it is either going to be a time during the day when school traffic is done. We are still talking about the idea of potentially doing it on a weekend.”

Musselwhite said the city hopes to have the bridge in place sometime between August 20-22.

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