Santa caravan set for this Saturday

Members of the Krewe of Hernando will arrive early to distribute Christmas gifts to seven special families during the Christmas holiday season. Santa Claus will accompany Krewe members and their families during the annual Christmas Caravan slated for Saturday. 

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The 7th Annual Santa Caravan is taking place this Saturday, Dec. 16 and Santa will be riding high atop the city fire engine as he travels throughout the city.

The caravan will start lining up at 8:45 a.m. at Longview Point Church and leave at approximately 9 a.m. heading south on McIngvale to Creekside subdivision, the first of several neighborhoods that the caravan will visit.

"This caravan is just our way to try and do what we can this time of year and spread the joy of Christmas (and excitement of Santa Claus) as we go," said Derick Biglane with the Krewe of Hernando. "This is our seventh year, and we will be helping seven Hernando families from all throughout the city.

"Including these families, we will have helped 51 Hernando families, with the Hernando Young Women's club assisting the last three years," Biglane said. "The families are vetted through the public schools, and are always so appreciative for what we do. There are so many worthy causes to give to, and we thank all those who donate to help make these Christmas's possible. The generosity in Hernando is the reason that Mississippi tops the list every year in charity per capita."

Biglane said that he hopes the community will come out and cheer on Santa and his caravan of elves.

"If we are passing through your neighborhood, please come out to catch candy, and maybe even to get your picture with Santa," Biglane said. "We try to add a street or 2 every year, so if we do not make your neighborhood, please feel free to come and park in one that does. If you are just waking up, we apologize for the noise and sirens, but hope that you will accept our Christmas cheer and maybe wave to us from the door or window."

Biglane said the Krewe of Hernando sends everyone the merriest of Christmas greetings. "We hope everyone has a safe, peaceful, and Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year," Biglane said.

(For a complete map of Santa's caravan, see story and map route online)

The Santa Caravan route is as follows:

Go South on McIngvale at 9 a.m. Left on Creekside Blvd., then right on Mason Dr. Take Mason Dr. to Della St. Take a left on Della St to Thousand Oaks Blvd. Turn right on Thousand Oaks, then a left on Oakbridge Rd North Take Oakbridge to Keenlan Dr, and then take a right. Follow Keenlan to Ready Dr. and follow the road to the left. Take Ready Dr. across Trapper Dr. into the cove, and then back out. Take a right on Trapper to Carlee Dr. Take a right on Carlee Dr, and follow out of the neighborhood to Jaybird.Take a left on Jaybird, and then another left into the entrance into Notting Hill. Take Notting Hill Dr. to Notting Hill Loop, and take a left. Take another left on Hillshire E, and follow around to Banbury Lane. Take a right on Banbury Lane, the a right on Banbury Lane W, then a right on Notting Hill S, then a left on Notting Hill West. Stay straight and then take a left on Middle Buster to exit the neighborhood. Follow Middle Buster and then take a left on Single Tree Dr. Take Single

Tree to Milan, and take a right. Follow Milan across McInvale into the Lakes of Cedar Grove neighborhood. Take Cedar Grove Pkwy to the roundabout, and take a right on Cedar Trace Dr. Go straight on Cedar Trace to Cedar Trace circle and take a left around an make the entire circle. Come back out on Cedar Trace Dr and take a right. Go to the roundabout and stay right. Road will cross a small bridge and steer right onto Cedar Grove Dr. Take Cedar Grove Dr. out of Lakes of Cedar Grove to Grove Meadows. Turn right on Bending Oak S, and follow to the left to Bending Oak E. Take that to Bending Oak North, and then a right on Green T Dr. South. Take Green T to Byhalia Rd., and take a left on Byhalia. Follow Byhalia/Mt. Pleasant to Desoto Rd. and take a right. Take Desoto to Tara Rd. and take another right. Follow Tara all the way until it turns left onto Forked Creek Pkwy. Take Forked Creek to Cobblestone and take a right. Follow Cobblestone to Doe Creek Trail and take a left. Follow Doe

Creek Trail until it runs back into Cobblestone and then take a left to exit Deer Creek at hwy 51. Take a right on Hwy 51, and then a left when you get to Green T West. Take the immediate left again to get on Old Hwy 51/Memphis St. Take this until Laurel View Dr. west and take a right on Laurel view to enter Laurelwood. Then take a right on Shadow view Dr. At the dead end, take a left on Ridge

View Dr. and follow around until it gets back to Shadow View Dr. At Shadow View, take a right, and follow all the way around and it curves back to Memphis St, exiting Laurelwood. Take a right on Memphis St. and follow to Hwy 51. Take a right on Hwy 51, and then another right after the train overpass onto Northwood Hills Dr.,entering Northwood Hills.Take Northwood Hills to Timber Lane E, and take a

left. Stay on Timber Lane East until it curves into Timberlane St, and take Timber lane to Robertson St. Take a right on Robertson, exiting Northwood Hills. Take Robertson East through the stop sign at Hwy. 51. Then take a right on East St. Take East St to Valley St and take another right. Follow Valley St. across Hwy 51 until it dead ends into Elm St. Take a left on Elm St. to end at City Hall.

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