A still  photo from David Howell's video

A still photo from David Howell's video shows strange lights over Southaven.

Southaven resident David Howell is strong believer of other lifeforms living beyond planet earth. His video of strange lights over Southaven is becoming a viral sensation of what appears to be strange lights hovering over his neighborhood.

Howell, 41, said he came home from a friend’s house Sunday night, opened his car door and saw orbs.

“They caught my eyes, my eyes went straight to it, to the north/northeast,” Howell said, “I live off of Swinnea Road in Southaven about a half a mile from state line. The airport is just north of my house. I just seen these bright orbs and they were just dancing with each other. Some were still coming up and there was a bigger one. It was between 10-13 of them. They were just dancing back and forth, a bigger one that hung behind after the others had left.”

Howell said the orbs pulsated with different colors. 

“I’m not talking about plane colors,” said Howell, “We know they weren’t planes. We know they weren’t drones. The FAA didn’t have any flight plans. Drones can only get 100 feet off the ground, these things were way up in the air. The last one, just took off, it was there then it was gone. That really blew my mind.”

Howell recalled a similar experience years ago when him and a buddy were on a hunting trip and saw a reddish, orange and green object. 

“It was just hovering in the air and all of a sudden it shot straight up,” Howell said. “This was about 20 years ago.”

A motorist driving from Oklahoma to Philadelphia, Mississippi was in Southaven late Sunday night and also reported seeing lights in the sky.

Modina Johnson, and her husband Lamo, were traveling on Highway 55 after an evening at Chuck E. Cheese. Johnson said she saw lights hovering right above the road.

“It was so bright, I thought they were drones...it was mind boggling,” said Johnson. “Five other cars were in front of us, so I know they had to have seen them too.”

Johnson and her husband both saw the lights and wondered if they were supposed to stop.

“I don’t believe in UFOs,” said Johnson, “But there were lots of different lights.”

Howell said his father, James Howell, and a neighbor also saw the lights.

Howell and Johnson aren’t alone in reporting UFO sightings.

The U.S. Government has recently declassified a report of UFO sightings giving credence that strange hovering objects do exist. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said during a FOX Network interview that a soon to be released report by the Pentagon and other federal agencies will give more details to the public. The report is expected to be released June 1.


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