Kimberly Remak

Kimberly Remak

Kimberly Remak Wednesday officially qualified for State Representative. Remak is seeking the Republican nomination in House District 7. The district includes parts of Olive Branch and Southaven.

“I am running for State Representative to make Mississippi a better place to live, raise a family, and retire,” Remak stated. “I support our outstanding DeSoto County Schools and will protect our traditional values.”

One of the key motivators behind Remak’s candidacy is a desire to work with other conservatives to get things done in Jackson.

“It takes a majority to pass good laws or defeat bad ones,” said Remak. “I want to work with other like-minded conservatives from across Mississippi to defend our values.”

A licensed nurse since 1995 who has been recognized for excellence in the nursing field, Remak is married to Dr. Geza Remak, a practicing gastroenterologist.

“Improving health care is very important to me,” Remak said. “I support using free market principles to improve health care. More competition is the answer to lower cost and better health care, not more government.”

She is the mother of three sons and a recent grandmother. Two of her sons are special needs children who live at home. Remak’s passion for health care and love for her sons has driven her to be active in a variety of causes that support those with special needs.

She is the founder and past president of The Arc Northwest Mississippi, a non-profit serving as a resource for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She was appointed by Governor Phil Bryant to serve on the Achieving a Better Life Experience board of directors.

Remak is a former chairman of the DeSoto County Republican Party. She is pro-life and a Life Member of the National Rifle Association. The Republican Primary for House District 7 will be held on August 6.

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