Entergy refund

Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley  announced today that customers of Entergy Mississippi can begin signing up to receive a  one-time $80 check from the state’s largest electric utility starting August 1st using the  company’s website. Customers who do not elect to receive a check will automatically receive  an $80 credit on their September bill from Entergy. 

Commissioner Presley said that the $80 refund to all 421,000 Entergy customers is the direct  result of Public Service Commission action last month in the closing of litigation filed by the  PSC that produced a historic settlement valued at $300 million. Settlement proceeds will go  toward the one-time $80 refund to customers, hedge against spikes in natural gas prices and  to prevent a $180 annual rate increase in 2023 along with a moratorium on certain profits of  the Entergy for four years. 

“Our job at the PSC is to be a watchdog, not a lapdog agency and this $80 refund is a direct  result of our action to protect the pocketbooks of Mississippians against over-profiting by  corporate monopolies. I fought hard to give each Entergy customer the option to get this $80  in the form of a check rather than just a bill credit. With gas prices at $4 per gallon at the  pump and inflation rising at every turn, I want customers who need this money for the family  budget to get it now. If they just want a bill credit then they don’t have to sign up for a check  and they’ll get the credit automatically in September,” Commissioner Brandon Presley said. Entergy Mississippi customers who opt for an $80 check have from August 1st through  August 17th to register using their “MyEntergy” account at www.entergy-mississippi.com for  their refund.

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