Southaven Police vehicle

A Southaven Police Department vehicle is parked in front of Southaven Middle School Thursday morning. The squad car is typically there for the school resource officer, but extra security was implemented Thursday morning at both Southaven Middle and High School after threats were made about guns on campus from social media.  

Southaven Police late Thursday provided more detail on possible threats on social media to some students at Southaven Middle School that caused extra officers to placed on duty at both that school and the adjacent Southaven High School campus Thursday morning. 

Police reported in a news release issued Thursday afternoon that the department was made aware of and looked into concerns from parents who reported threats of weapons being brought to school Thursday morning through a social media post on Snapchat.

Officers could not confirm the threats as being valid, but to "err on the side of caution, the Police Department had extra officers on campus today," the release stated.

Officers also talked to the students at the center of the alleged threats but could not verify any threat to be valid or accurate. 

Thursday afternoon, however, a Southaven High School student brought three other juveniles to the school where it was believed that they may have had words with some of the athletes on the soccer field, followed by the four juveniles leaving the area in a vehicle. 

Police said it was rumored that after the vehicle left, there was a loud noise that some believed to be gunshots.

Witnesses were interviewed, officers located the four juveniles and interviewed them as well. No gun was found in the course of that investigation. 

The statement from Police Chief Steve Pirtle stated that "no active threats were ever determined," adding school administration is dealing with students involved administratively. 

There have been no injuries reported as a result of the incidents. 

Pirtle's statement added, "As the safety of all students is our primary concern, the Police Department and the school administration will continue to monitor the situation.

There has been no immediately indication that extra manpower would again be on hand at the schools Friday morning. 

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397 ext. 204. 

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