“The store” is not the answer to the question “Where does our food come from?”

Students at Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Olive Branch learned and noted a valuable lesson this week in food production as part of National Agriculture Week. 

The Agriculture Council of America (ACA) marked March 23 as National Ag Day with the 48th year’s theme “Food Brings Everyone to the Table.

Virtual events were encouraged around the country, but one man took an in-person tactic. Jeremiah McCroskey, who has a farm off of Dunn Lane on Duram Road, brought 1930s and 1940s eras farm implements for Pleasant Hill students to observe and learn about the field to fork process.

Mrs. Susan Powell’s 2nd grade Spotlight and Mrs. Tiffany Lyles 3rd grade Spotlight classes were delighted at the visual learning opportunities.

Powell and Lyles both said, “The students had a great time learning about these antique implements. They all guessed at what each machine was and its function. Then they researched how they worked. The implements were awesome examples of engineering and the time spent was treasured by us all.”

Students each wrote their own notes to research what each machine was and the food that related to it.

McCroskey displayed a 1940 McCormick Deering Grain Binder and a 1930 Case Threshing Machine. 

“As you know, these are implements that are now our modern combine,” McCroskey said. “The machines use belts, pulleys, canvas belting and other mechanisms to process grain. The grain ultimately becomes our bread and cereal.”

“In my humble opinion, this was an excellent opportunity to highlight the Spotlight work at the school and encourage children through visual learning on the industrialization of agriculture,” McCroskey added

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