Olive Branch City Hall

The growing city of Olive Branch is about to grow again... literally.

Aldermen at their Tuesday night meeting approved an annexation ordinance that starts the process to add two areas to the city.

One is an area south of the current city limits that consists of Pleasant Hill, Bridgetown, Lewisburg and Cedar View communities.

The other area is east of the current city limits and makes up the Center Hill community.

Once completed, Olive Branch's population would grow by about 14,000 residents and would add 50 square miles and about 5,000 homes.

"This is something we have been working on for more than 20 years and it is about to come to fruition," said Mayor Scott Phillips Wednesday morning about the action.

The city must still file a petition in DeSoto County Chancery Court to start the process and public notice of the court proceedings will be provided as the law requires.

The last time Olive Branch took the move of adding this amount of land inside its city limits came in 1996, when the city's boundary was extended west to Malone Road.

School attendance zone boundaries are not affected by the move.

Olive Branch officials stated the basis for their move is that it has spent millions of dollars adding utilities during the past two decades.

The proposed areas have been eyed as part of the city's future growth plans during that time.

City officials believe it has been that ability to offer services that has helped the affected areas grow to the point where the county has doubled in population in the past 20 years.

Olive Branch already provides fire protection services in much of the proposed annexation areas, either as the primary or secondary provider.

It was pointed out that some homeowners may see lower insurance premiums as a result because Olive Branch will now bring their property under its 24-hour fire department coverage.

Annexation does come at a cost to the residents affected, however. Ad valorem taxes on real property and automobile tags would likely increase for those new residents of Olive Branch.

For instance, a home with an appraised value of $160,000 would see their estimated city property tax become $616. A residence valued by the County Tax Assessor at $240,000 would face a city property tax bill of $924 annually and the figure becomes $1,232 for a home valued at $320,000, city officials estimated.

They were quick to point out, however, that Olive Branch still has the lowest tax rate of the four largest DeSoto County municipalities.

Information about the annexation has been provided on the city's website, including the base map of the area affected, and overview of the annexation and the ordinance that was enacted Tuesday evening. 

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer for the DeSoto Times-Tribune.

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The idea that taxes will be a small increase is completely incorrect and deceptive. There is an estimator on the county tax assessor page. I compared Desoto taxes with Olive Branch with my property value, and I will pay $1300 more annually. After five years, I will hand over $6000.00!!! to OB. So, yes, OB does offers gas and water services, but they are a conduit and any private company or the county can take that over. Keep in mind, they do not make our gas, water or offer it and we can start our own, no issue there (sort of like Sat and Cable). My street has no lights or sidewalks, so they no expense. As for Fire, let's just flip that non-paid and train our young men in a skill. What will OB do for me in 5 years, nothing! Let's just pull away from them and farm out the services, they are taking money off the top to manage the billing anyways. I just bought a house here, NO DISCLOSURE they were planning makes this very deceptive.


Well this sucks, pretty much the only reason to live in any of these areas was to be able to say you weren’t a part of OB


I’m sorry but we moved out of the “city” limits to get out of city politics. The only reason they are doing this is an increase of $$$$$ in their pockets. They won’t offer us anything more than what we already have. Work on making your already city better and leave the county residents alone. We moved out for cheaper taxes both property and car tags. Not everyone wants to be incory limits!!!!!!

(Edited by staff.)


So the article states "Olive Branch officials stated the basis for their move is that it has spent millions of dollars adding utilities during the past two decades." I saw by the map that we are in the area to be annexed. I can tell you right now OB hasn't provided jack to us. No city water, no sewers and we were told we couldn't get water even though the OB water tower on Polk is about a football field away from our house. If they are basing the annex on services they provide I'm am calling them on their BS.

martha boren

We live on retirement and social security and have almost 10 acres of land and house. We cannot afford for our taxes to go up. This is an awful thing you are trying to do to senior citizens.


Sign this petition to preserve our way of life for unincorporated Desoto County, Mississippi. We don't want to be annexed into the City of Olive Branch.


We moved to the county to escape high taxes. Does the Homestead Clause also apply to the City of OB taxes? Also, how long does such as this annexation take to become final?

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