OB Trail

Olive Branch will use a $120,000 state grant to restore and repair the walking trail at the city park.

The Recreation Trails Program grant is an 80/20 split from Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks.

Mayor Ken Adams said the current trail isn’t in bad shape, but is in need of some repair and sprucing up.

“People love the trail,” Adams said. “They take their dogs on the trail. They take their kids and grandkids on the trail and they absolutely love it. This is going to help us rehab it and make it wide and more attractive.

The total cost of the project is $244,189. The city can provide “in kind” services as part of its 20 percent match, according to Adams.

“It’s not some kind of application you make online,” Adams said. “This was a a detailed report with engineering documents to go with it that was hand delivered to Jackson. A lot of engineering time by our city engineer and our parks and recreation director has already gone into this.”

Adams said the money will be used to restore and repair about 5,334 linear feet of the walking trail. The city will also install concrete swales and will address an erosion problem at the trail close to one of the lakes.

“It is going to have some more asphalt and then some landscaping and decorations on the sides as well to make it nice and attractive,” Adams said. “We will also have some legends about the types of trees and other items out there. We already have some of that.”

The city received a grant from the same program of $100,000 in 2014, which allowed the city to upgrade 3,300 linear feet of walking trail around the lake and included a 450 foot seawall. The total cost of the project was $211,899.

Adams said the city has 90 days to start work on the trail and has a year to finish the project. He expects work to get underway shortly.

“I can see us doing the work that can be done during the winter and spring and finishing it up by summer time,” Adams said. “I’m anxious to see it. This trail really adds to the quality of life for our citizens in Olive Branch.”


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