Olive Branch High School

A simple editing oversight is listed as the reason why a page in this year's Olive Branch High School yearbook includes a photo of a student scanned from Twitter with a vulgar caption underneath. 

The offending photo is part of a page filled with selfies and other singular photos of students at Olive Branch High School.

When looking at page 27, the offending caption is nearly impossible to notice, but once it is found, the statement includes vulgar and inappropriate language.

"It's an oversight in editing," principal Allyson Killough said Thursday. "It's next to impossible to see on the computer screen, but it glares once you see it."

Killough said the picture was taken from the student's Twitter page.

"It's a selfie and it should have been cropped and it wasn't," Killough said.

Once it was laid down on the page, Killough said the yearbook staff of students was in charge of editing.

"The students are responsible for the pages," Killough said. "The girl who created this page wears very thick glasses and she didn't see it. When other people reviewed it, they didn't see it and yearbook sponsor didn't see it. Out of about 12, 14 people who looked at it, they didn't see it and I didn't see it."

Yearbooks were given to 40 seniors before the caption was found. Distribution was stopped and the seniors who received the yearbooks are being asked to return the publications.

Killough Wednesday sent a letter home with students to parents apologizing for the error.

"The text on page 27 is no reflection of the beliefs of Olive Branch High School and has been an embarrassment to the school," Killough wrote. "The picture was taken from Twitter and failed to be cropped correctly."

Killough added the yearbook company has partnered with the school to remove the page from the yearbook and replace it with a corrected page.

Students will get the corrected yearbooks before the school year ends later this month.

Bob Bakken is Staff Writer and may be reached at 662-429-6397, Ext. 240.

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