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DeSoto County Schools saw an increase in new COVID-19 cases among staff and students with 41 total new cases reported between Sept. 28 and Oct. 2. 28 students and 13 staff members reported positive cases.

Additionally, 136 students were quarantined last week following possible exposure, down from last week’s reported number of students having to quarantine. 

"Quarantine numbers vary from situation to situation," Cory Uselton, the superintendent of DeSoto County Schools, said in an email. "In addition, quarantine numbers are often lower in school zones that have a lower percentage of in-person students."

This brings the total number of COVID-19 cases in the district since the start of the semester to 209, and the total number of those quarantined since the start of the semester to 1,057, according to data from the state.

The increase in new cases comes after three weeks that the district reported a decrease in the number of cases and those in quarantine. There were 23 more cases reported this week than last week, but 14 fewer students were required to quarantine. 

DeSoto County Schools is the largest district in the state of Mississippi with over 30,000 students. About 13,000 of those students chose to start the semester by attending classes virtually.

The numbers released by the district do not include private schools in the county or students who are quarantined by the Mississippi State Department of Health for situations unrelated to schools.

The Friday night matchup between the Southaven Chargers and the Hernando Tigers was canceled after multiple Southaven football players tested positive for COVID-19.
The school did not confirm how many student-athletes tested positive, but did say that not all players were being quarantined.

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