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New data shows that 30% of COVID-19 deaths in the county were residents of long-term care facilities.

The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) released new, county-specific data, which included a closer look at who is being most affected by the coronavirus. The data is a look at the pandemic in Mississippi, county by county, through July 11.

The large share of deaths in long-term care facility residents is not unique to DeSoto County. Many other counties, including Jackson and Rankin, had figures almost identical to that in DeSoto.

One long-term care facility had an outbreak of infections in early June, but the number of cases has since dwindled. Though most have now recovered, 15 staff members at that center tested positive for the virus.

The data released by MSDH also revealed that DeSoto County has about the same number of white and black people infected, meaning that black communities, which make up a smaller portion of the population, are infected at disproportionately higher rates.

The same is true for the death rate in the county.

Most infections in the county are in younger age groups, according to the date, with most cases occurring in people ages 18-29. There are fewer infections in those 60 and older, though most deaths occur in the same age group.

 The distribution of infection among different age groups is different in the state as a whole compared to the county. In Mississippi, most cases are in those ages 60-69, with far fewer cases in those in the lower age groups.


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