Mayor Musselwhite

Mayor Darren Musselwhite recaps the highlights of all that was accomplished in Southaven in 2021.

2021 was another big year of progress for Southaven. Projects that had been in the works for years were either completed or are under construction now.

Mayor Darren Musselwhite said he expects 2022 to be just as busy with even more progress on big ticket projects on the horizon.

“We spent a lot of time in 2021 working on things that are going to bear fruit in the near future,” Musselwhite said. “There are some big announcements that are going to be coming in 2022. I’m not ready to announce them yet, but we spent a lot of time working on those things.”

Musselwhite took time at the January 4 Board of Aldermen meeting to read off a list of projects that became reality in Southaven in 2021.

“Not to sound overly dramatic, but in all things that I do in my yearly work, I like to stop for a minute,” Musselwhite said. “Usually the holidays are a good time when everybody is slowing down. It’s a good time to stop and turn around and look behind me. Sometimes when you have your nose to the grindstone and you are working your tail off, you don’t really look and notice all of the things that happen. So it’s always smart to stop every now and them and see how far you have come.”

Musselwhite said 2021 was similar to 2020, which he called an action year, because many long-planned projects finally got underway.

“What I meant by that was a lot of the things we had been working on as a city - some for as long as eight years - were all going to be on the ground and under construction in 2020,” Musselwhite said. “And they were. There was an amazing number of things that were under construction or happening.”

Among the highlights of 2021:

Fire Station No. 5 

“It had been talked about probably for 15 years. The construction started on Fire Station No. 5. I will have some more updates about the project in the near future. But it did get started in 2021.”

Police Officer Expansion Plan Increase

“And we even increased that even more with the next budget year adding more officers. That  is going to pay dividends for us in the future.”

Invested in police body cameras

“I think the  police chief and anybody who has worn them will tell you our results have been nothing but successful. It has been amazing what they have done. They accomplished our goals. They protected our officers against ridiculous complaints. It’s just been a complete success.”

Street resurfacing budget reaches $4 million

“We continued over the last eight years to increase that budget each year. For the first time ever we topped $4 million with our baseline budget for street resurfacing in 2021.”

Central to Snowden Grove Park multi-purpose use trail completion

“That was another project that was I think 11 years old. That was  completed.”

Main Street sidewalks

“Another eight or nine year old project completed.”

May Boulevard pedestrian bridge 

“We are waiting on the heat sensors for the elevators. It’s a supply chain issue. Then everything will be done. That’s basically completed.”

Horn Lake Creek bridge project

“The bridge that was aging and getting near the point of being dangerous, was completed in 2021.”

Automated water meter reading system installed

“We talked about it for decades in Southaven. We are almost done. I think we are down to 99 percent complete right now. That’s a big thing for us.”

Monument sign at Goodman and Malone

“That one is completed. We have continued on with that. We have another one planned for this year. But that one was done this year.”

Getwell Road south widening project right of way acquisition

“That project is on pace to start construction in March. That will be a tremendous project to help with a nightmare of traffic congestion in Southaven. It’s Getwell Road south of Church to Star Landing. Right of way takes the longest amount of time of all the stages for the construction process. So there was a lot of progress made this year.”

Soccer expansion at Snowden Grove completed

Artificial turf conversion at Snowden Grove and Greenbrook completed

Springfest returned in October

New BankPlus Amphitheater concert promoter hired

BankPlus Amphitheater enhancement projectdesign

“That was designed this year and will be under construction very, very soon.”

Food Truck Friday

Shows at Saucier Park

New Silo Square developments and leisure district

“It is absolutely soaring and roaring. It is unbelievable the amount of progress and the pending developments that are going on there. People are occupying those homes now. The mixed use apartments are occupied. Commercial developments, the stores are open there. Restaurants are being designed, as you’ve seen it Georgia Blue. And there are six others that are pending that will be under construction there.”

Honda of Southaven groundbreaking

Whataburger breaks ground on two locations.

Record breaking new business permits

“We continue to break records every year. Last year, we broke records with that - the highest since 2007 before the housing recession.”

Record breaking sales tax revenue 

Continued aggregate debt reduction

Strengthened reserve fund

Government Finance Officers Association for Excellence in Financial Reporting

“We received that for the fifth consecutive year.”

Record property values

“So it was a good year in 2021,” Musselwhite said.

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