Mr. Q's Sloppy Joes open for business

Quincy Randle cuts the ribbon at the official grand opening of his new restaurant, Mr. Q’s Sloppy Joes. Mr. Q’s had a soft opening on Dec. 31 and since opening officially on Jan. 1.  has already served about 1,500 customers. “The first day we did about 150 tickets,” Randle said. “I’ve had a lot of families bring their kids for sloppy joes and chicken wings. And these plants and businesses around here, they haven’t wasted any time. They have been calling in orders left and right. We’ve been doing a lot of to-go orders.” 

Randle got the idea for Mr. Q’s when he was a trucker and spent a month in Corpus Christi, Texas. The restaurant next door to his hotel served sloppy joes and he ate one every day. “I’m fired up about it,” Randle said. “It’s something different. It’s not the average hamburger shop or pizza shop or chicken restaurant. It’s just simple sloppy joes. It’s something no restaurant in the surrounding area serves.”

Horn Lake Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Laura Taylor welcomed Mr. Q’s and helped celebrate the new addition with a ribbon cutting attended by local dignitaries and chamber members.

“We are excited to have you here,” Taylor said. “One of the sweetest things for a community is to have entrepreneurs have small businesses in their community. We can have all the big boxes we want, but what makes a community have a true community feel is people that come in and are starting businesses.”

Horn Lake City Administrator Jim Robinson said Mr. Q’s should have no shortage of hungry customers during the lunch hour because of its location next to warehouses.

“You are in a great location with all of the new distribution and warehouses and being right here in a subdivision where you can serve all these families,” Robinson said.

Mr. Q’s Sloppy Joes is located at 5441 Hwy. 51 North in Horn Lake in the former Wiseguy’s Chicago Pizza building and is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. Customers can choose from three different kinds of sloppy joes - original, spicy, and BBQ, or try a Mr. Q’s Sloppy Dog, a jumbo beef hot dog with your choice of sloppy joe topping.


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