Les Hooper

Not very often do we see someone making a big impact in our community, Les Hooper is one of those people.  Les is the owner of two businesses in the area, H&H Services Group and 10th Inning Grill, both located in Southaven.


Over the past month, Mr. Hooper has hosted numerous events which have raised over $65,000 dollars for members of our community who are in need.  When asked about his contribution, Les replied, “I was raised in North Mississippi. This is my family’s home, and my businesses’ home.  We take pride in being involved in our community.”


Not only has Les been successful in his local business endeavors, but he has also led as commissioner of The City of Southaven’s Planning and Development Committee.  Les’s roles in leadership have led him to run for Alderman of Ward 4 in Mississippi’s 2021 Municipal Elections. Voting is on Tuesday April 6th. 


A Note from Les Hooper -


“I know that hard work, determination and accountability are needed in everything we do, and I am committed to applying those same principles as your next Alderman of Southaven. 


I believe it’s my experience as a small business owner and planning commissioner that uniquely qualifies me to help move Southaven forward by addressing the issues of infrastructure, public safety, economic development, quality of life, and helping small businesses succeed.  It is my commitment to be accessible to our citizens ensuring they have real-time input into city policy, and to remain transparent in decisions that align with my conservative values. 


I aim to apply my knowledge and experience to ensure Southaven, MS will continue to move in the right direction, and ensure Ward 4 has a strong voice in our government- one that will speak out for the best interests of our communities.  Please vote on April 6th” 


For more information about April's election, please visit https://southaven.org/684/Election-Information.

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