Dr. Henry Wadsworth


Dr. Henry Wadsworth, who served countless patients as a pillar in health care in DeSoto County, died on Saturday, Nov. 21. He was 82 years old.

Henry will be remembered as a leading figure in the DeSoto County medical community. He ran one of the oldest continually operating medical practices in DeSoto County, The Wadsworth Clinic in Hernando, for 48 years.

Henry took it over from his father, Dr. Henry Wadsworth Sr., who started the family medical practice in 1936. The clinic remains in the care of the younger Henry’s son, Dr. William Wadsworth.

William started practicing medicine with his father in 1996 and remembers the years they worked together fondly.

“Even though we were different generation physicians, he and I practiced so much alike,” William said. “It was pretty amazing. I mean, if I would do something, he’d say ‘that's what I would have done’ and vice versa.”

William said his dad wouldn’t sugarcoat the truth with his patients, and most of them appreciated knowing they could get an accurate understanding of their health from him. 

“He was the smartest doctor I knew. I would always try to aspire to have him tell me ‘you're a pretty smart kid, William.’ It  was nice to get that on occasion.”

Henry retired in 2010 and passed the clinic down to its third-generation Wadsworth.  

“I missed him and I would’ve liked him to work till he just couldn't go anymore. But it was nice to see him retire and try to enjoy himself,” William said. 

The legacy of his father’s decades of service is still apparent in the clientele that come through the clinic doors.The clinic stopped delivering babies in 1972, but William still sees patients that were delivered by his father or grandfather. Those people are also bringing their kids now.  

“It’s near how that happens. That's one of the reasons I think you practice medicine,” William said.

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