Celebrate Horn Lake

Horn Lake is hoping to have its new seasonal “Celebrate Horn Lake” banners up at the intersections along Goodman Road by Jan. 1.

City Administrator Jim Robinson told the Board of Aldermen that the banners have been ordered and should be in by the end of the month.

“They will hopefully be in this month,” Robinson said. “Once we get these banners and the hardware, Public Works can start putting them up.”

Mayor Allen Latimer said he had hoped that the banners would already be installed by now in time for the holidays, but the city ran into a delay with the vendor.

“The promotion company for some reason didn’t get us the design until about a week ago,” Latimer said. “I don’t want to blame them, but we have been after them and after them and they finally submitted it.”

The Board of Aldermen voted in September to spend up to $25,000 to purchase banners for the light poles along Goodman Road in an effort to make the main thoroughfare into the city stand out more to visitors.

The red and green fabric banners will say “Celebrate Horn Lake” with a snowflake to signify the winter months. The plan is to order more banners with a different design that will be swapped out to coincide with each season.

“This particular banner will be up through March,” Robinson said. “Then we will look at designs for a spring banner. But this one will be up through the winter months because it has a snowflake on it.”

Robinson said they ordered 54 banners total along with the brackets to hang them.

“The local company that we chose also does the banners for Southaven for their different districts,” Robinson said. “They also do a lot of banners for DeSoto County Schools around the schools. We are excited to install them and see how they look.”


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