Juliana Smith

Horn Lake shortstop Juliana Smith signs to Mississippi Delta Community College with her Horn Lake coaches and MDCC coaches with her.

Horn Lake softball standout Juliana Smith signed to Mississippi Delta Community College Wednesday Morning at Horn Lake High School.

Smith, who plays shortstop for the Eagles, said that playing softball in college has been a lifelong ambition of hers.

“It was stressful, but it was also very fun at the same time,” Smith said. “It was a dream I’ve always wanted and it was finally here. The whole process was really fun and a very good experience.” 

The shortstop said she’s been playing softball since she was just 4-years old and started playing competitively when she was 13. 

Smith explained that her campus visit to Mississippi Delta Community College is what really convinced her to go to school and play softball there.

“When I went down for a visit, it was very welcoming,” she said. “It felt like home when I was there. It’s super exciting to think about what it’s going to be like down there.” 

Smith said that she’s excited to take the big step from high school to college, but she’s going to miss Horn Lake High School. 

“I’m going to miss the sense of family,” Smith said. “Everyone loves everyone no matter what. Everyone is just welcoming and loving.” 

Smith is the first Horn Lake softball player to sign to a college in the last several years since head coach Steven Nails has been around. 

“She’s a fantastic kid with a good head on her shoulders and a good heart,” Nails said. “She’s going to go far in whatever she does. She’s very outgoing and outspoken. She tries to help other kids learn. She’s willing to try whatever she can to help the team succeed.”

The senior still gets one more season with Horn Lake and will start her last high school softball season in the spring.

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