Horn Lake Planning Commission approved a Wendy's to be located at 4065 Goodman Road. The drive-thru fast food restaurant will add more dining choices for the under-served western half of the city. 

Residents on the west side of Horn Lake will soon have another fast food dining option that won’t require a trip toward the interstate.

The Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit for a Wendy’s at 4065 Goodman Road near Aldi’s.

The 2,584 square foot restaurant will have a drive-thru window and indoor seating for customers to dine-in.

Planning Director Chad Bahr said commissioners have approved similar fast food restaurants along Goodman Road with drive-thru windows.

“One was Zaxby’s which had a drive-thru and was approved. The other was McDonald’s,” Bahr said. “And there are other restaurants in the area with drive-thrus. This is fast food obviously.”

Planning Commission Chairman Chad Engelke asked Bahr about the time limit requirement since it was a conditional use permit.

“If we were to approve this, how do you put a time limit on a drive-thru where the structure is going to be there for a long-term use?” Engelke asked.

Bahr suggested that commissioners either set a long time limit or approve it with no limit at all.

“Typically it is the practice to put a time limit on it,” Bahr said. “So they will need a long one.”

Engeleke followed up by asking if the commission could make it a longer time limit since it is a national chain restaurant that would be located on the site.

“Can the time limit be for as long as the company is a Wendy’s restaurant?” Engelke asked.

Bahr agreed with the suggestion.

“Yes, I think that’s a very solid solution to that,” Bahr said. “As long as it is Wendy’s, the permit is good.”

Commissioner George Dixon asked if there would be any indoor seating.

“Most of them are shut down right now,” Dixon said.

Dylan Dempsey, project manager with Carlson Consulting Engineers who was representing the applicant, said the Wendy’s will have indoor seating for 55 people.

The commission voted unanimously to approve the application with the condition that it remain a Wendy’s.

“Now next time bring the playground back please,” Commissioner Jimmy Stokes joked.

Mayor Allen Latimer said he is glad to see a new dining option on the west side of the city and hopes the Wendy’s spurs even more development in the area.

The area currently has a Captain D’s fast food seafood restaurant and a Taco Bell, but very little else for residents to choose from for fast food. 

“I’m delighted,” Latimer said. “We have a couple of little restaurants in those shopping centers west of Tulane, and then we have the Captain D’s, but not a whole lot else.”

Latimer said the new Wendy’s will give residents the option of not having to drive all the way up Goodman Road toward the expressway for fast food.

“This Wendy’s should relieve some of that congestion heading toward I-55 because it gives us another option,” Latimer said. “And I am hoping it primes the pump. There are some nice (land) parcels going west, and of course Circle G Ranch is just west of that, and I look for what area to attract even more businesses. So hopefully this will encourage more businesses to locate in that area.”

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