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Center Hill Mustang's #24 running back Cedric Nelson carries the down ball downfield during second quarter offense.

After losing two key players to the same injury the Horn Lake Eagles persevered to victory against the Center Hill Mustangs, 37-10.

Senior defensive lineman Tyler Wright, #42, and freshman wide receiver Jacoby Hopson, #8, both suffered arm injuries. Wright was injured in the second quarter and Hopson in mid fourth quarter.

Both players were taken by ambulance for medical treatment.

The Eagles maintained strong play during the Homecoming match-up after a win against Olive Branch on October 8, 35-16.

The Eagles game against Center Hill was their fourth region game and third region win the game was rescheduled to Thursday night, October 14 from October 15 in anticipation of storms Friday night.

By the numbers, the Eagles drew first blood with a TD pass from #5 Trint Conder to #7 Jarnorris Hopson with PAT, starting off at Eagles 7, Mustangs 0, with 9:18 left in the first quarter. 

With 2:35 left in the first, Conder threw to #15 Erwin Reed for a second TD followed by a two-point conversion, 15-0.

In the second quarter, Horn Lake offense secured another TD and PAT early on two minutes in, 22-0.

Center Hill joined the action with 1:48 in the first half by securing a field goal, scoring 3, against Horn Lake’s, 22.

Third quarter, the action picked right back up with Center Hill’s pass by #12 Marq Holmes to #27 Jamarius Jones followed by a PAT to give the Mustangs seven more points for 22 - 10.

The Eagles responded with another TD with ten minutes remaining by Conder passing again to Jarnorris Hopson followed by a two-point conversion, Eagles 30 - Mustangs 10.

In the fourth, Horn Lake secured their last TD with 6:50 remaining from coordinated actions between Conder and Jarnorris Hopson. Hospon’s push through the defense landed the last TD and PAT of the game.

Horn Lake Head Coach Mitchell Harville elaborated on his two players injuries and the teams win. 

“We’re always excited to get a win but never want somebody to get hurt, any team or anybody else’s game,” said Harville. “Those two guys, a senior and a freshman, are two you just hate to see get hurt. Both of them were injured tonight, hopefully we’ll get them in the hospital and I’ll talk to their parents.”

Both players sustained left arm breaks during play. 

“It’s extremely unusual,” Harville explained. “I’m not sure what was going on with that and they were freak accidents too. One was getting blocked, falling down then reaching back to catch himself. The other one, a teammate, comes in diving for a ball.”

Harville said he was able to speak with Wright and Hopson each before they were taken away by ambulance.

“I told them that we’re going to get through this, stay strong,” said Harville. “Both of them are really strong kids and great to be around every single day.”

The team pushed through Center Hill’s tough end game defense despite losing two players. 

“We played tough toward the end of the game,” Harville said. “We had some difficulty sniffing out some holes in the plays. We just wanted to end the game and get out of there. Jacoby Hopson and Tyler Wright were both having amazing games when they went down. I saw some other guys come in and make big plays during the game. We just got to get better and that’s key.”

Harville added that he and his team are ready to regroup and prepare for the next division game.

“We’ve got to go in and have the next men up. I know it can sound harsh and I don’t mean that we just forget about (Hopson and Wright),” said Harville. “Somebody’s going to have to play in their positions next week. We’ve got to make sure we’re getting the next guy the reps he needs to be ready. This region game makes us 3 and 1 in district. Moving on, we still got Hernando, South Panola and Southaven left. Three really good teams, we’ve got to be ready for them.”

Horn Lake is scheduled to play Hernando High School in region play on October 22 in Hernando.

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