Patel development

Work is underway on Interstate Blvd. on the city’s largest gas station and two new hotels.

Horn Lake has signed off on the final plat for what will soon be home to the city’s largest gas station and two new hotels on the north side of Interstate Boulevard and Nail Road.

DeSoto Commons Planned Unit Development will house a new Amtel Express Exxon station located on three acres at 6180 Interstate Boulevard and two four-story hotels on the adjacent five acres at 6701 Interstate Boulevard.

“Groundbreaking should happen in the next month on the gas station and one of the hotels,” said developer Ron Patel.

Patel, who owns the Amtel Express BP gas station in Hernando on U.S. Highway 51 at Green T Road, said the Exxon gas station will be similar in design to the one in Hernando and have food and other unique items and will be the only gas station in the region with Exxon Synergy Diesel, which is a more efficient brand of diesel fuel.

“I am very excited about the project,” Patel said. “I want to make it the nicest station in the county. It will be unique and have good food and many different items inside at the deli.”

Although the fueling station will have diesel pumps, Patel said it will not be a truck stop.

“We will have a lot of truckers because we don’t have any trucks stops nearby, so I will be having diesel. But there is no semi-truck parking there,” Patel said. “They will be able to gas up and go inside to use the restroom and get something to eat, but then they will have to get off the lot. The space isn’t big enough for truck parking.”

Patel said one of the hotels will be a 100-room Extended Stay America. The other hotel, which will be on 1.7 acres, will also be a four-story hotel, but he does not have a brand for it yet.

He’s also planning to develop a restaurant on the site as well.

“I have one more parcel which is 1.3 acres where I will be bringing in a restaurant,” Patel said. “I won’t be the one developing it, but I am trying to bring a restaurant to that site.”

T.J. Cates, economic development consultant for Horn Lake, said Interstate Boulevard and Nail Road is about to undergo a major transformation in the coming year. In addition to Patel’s projects, Cates said developer Dale Wilson is planning to build several light industrial buildings nearby and another hotel.

“That whole section is going to change the landscape over there,” Cates said. “There is a lot going on in that one block. What we are trying to do is find reasons to keep people off of Goodman Road. This will give people who live closer to Hwy. 51, Nail Road and Church Road an alternative to get gas. And with the nice new hotels there we should hopefully also have some more restaurants and shops in that area.”


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