DeSoto County Administration Building

DeSoto County Administration Building

DeSoto County residents who are eligible for, but who had not previously filed for, the county’s Homestead Tax Exemption may begin doing so now.

Under the program in DeSoto County, homeowners may be eligible to apply and then receive a credit on their bottom line property taxes. It is a one-time filing homeowners need to do to receive the credit.

Applicants need to apply in the Tax Assessor’s Office at the County Administration Building in Hernando. A number of items must be brought with the applicant at the time they apply. The items include a copy of the applicant’s recorded warranty deed, state vehicle tag numbers, social security numbers for the applicant and spouse, if married, birthdates of the applicant and spouse, or all parties applying for the homestead exemption, and closing or settlement statement on the property being applied for.

If age 65 or older by Jan. 1 of the filing year, applicants are asked to bring proof of their birthday to qualify for an additional tax exemption. Fully disabled individuals also qualify for an additional exemption but must bring proof of disability from the Veterans Administration of Social Security Administration.

An exemption application will be denied if the applicant owes state income tax in Mississippi, the applicant cannot have homestead on any other property in the county or other states. The applicant must live full time on the property receiving a homestead. An applicant also cannot claim to be a resident of another state when assessed with income tax.

While residents need only apply once for a homestead exemption, there are several instances regarding life changes, such as marriage or divorce, or change of name, that may require the resident to reapply for the exemption. The complete list is available on the official county website or by calling the Tax Assessor’s Officer at 662-469-8029.

Homestead exemption applicants may only be accepted through March of this year and are now being taken at the office of new Tax Assessor Jeff Fitch.

Bob Bakken is Managing Editor of the DeSoto Times-Tribune.