Dominique Smith lived in a trailer on Hill Street in Hernando for 30 years. Although she hasn’t lived there in many years, Smith still makes it a point to return to her old neighborhood just to see how the residents are doing.

This past Sunday, Smith visited her old haunts and brought gift bags of donated items to give to four elderly residents still living there just to show them that she still cares about the people on Hill Street. 

“I love Hill Street,” Smith said. “Hill Street means a lot to me and will always be my home. It’s a very historic neighborhood and there aren’t many elderly residents living in those trailers any more. So I just wanted to visit and show them a little love.”

Smith was just going to drop off some toiletry items, but when she posted what she was doing on the Facebook Group Hernando Happenings, people started contacting her wanting to donate items and money to help out.

“The people on Hernando Happening have been very helpful,” Smith said. “I just put it on Facebook to show what I was doing. And people responded. I really appreciate that.”

Smith even enlisted help from Hernando Police Department who sent two cars with flashing lights on up to the trailer homes to make it into a memorable occasion. 

The officers helped hand out gift bags filled with toiletry items and $100 each in donated money, and were joined by members of the 150 Club, a four wheeler club out of Hernando and Coldwater, who also trailed along in a mini-convoy.

“It was a nice surprise,” Smith said. “They had no idea why the police were coming up Hill Street. It was more like a parade.”

Smith said her car was full of gift items that were stuffed inside nice looking gift bags. 

“We gave them socks, house coats, perfume, deodorant, hand sanitizer - items like that,” Smith said. “And most of it was from donations.”

Each resident also was given a special “Hill Street Legends T-shirt.

Smith said there wasn’t a dry eye among the residents and volunteers as they handed out the gift bags.

“They were crying because it was a surprise and they didn’t know about it,” Smith said. “There was just a lot of love.”

Smith said she would like to do something similar for the residents around Thanksgiving by putting together a gift basket of food.

“I just felt the need to help my community,” Smith said. “I’d like to do something like this every year for the old people who live there. It makes me feel good to give back to them. It means a great deal to me that I am able to help.”




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