TikTok barber

Chris Newson pictured above cutting a client’s hair at Oasis Barber Shop in Hernando.

Local barbershop owner Chris Newson has made quite the mark not only in DeSoto County, but also on TikTok, as a viral creator. 

TikTok is a social media platform where creators can share different videos with followers. Newson coined the username, “@chrisblends1” and currently has 679.7 thousand followers and over 16 million “likes” on his videos. His instagram following is also significant, at 17,000 followers. 

Newson was already a very successful barber in the DeSoto County area where he owns Oasis Barber Shop in Hernando. When he started his TikTok journey early last year, he quickly gained more popularity by posting videos of the process of cutting and styling his clients’ hair.  

“I had a couple clients come in and tell me about other barbers using TikTok to post videos,” Newson said. “So, I made a page and started posting and within about a month it had blown up. It felt like it was overnight.” 

Newson has owned Oasis since 2018, and said he wanted to expand his brand, and let others know about Oasis, and TikTok was the perfect place to branch out. 

“Once I got on TikTok, I wanted to open up our brand,” Newson said. “I’ve trained all of the barbers here, so when people see those videos, they know that they can come in and anyone can give them that certain cut they want.” 

Oasis was already a local favorite in DeSoto County, so when Newson went viral, customers started to flood in. 

“Even before TikTok, I would stay booked just from a lot of people in the area,” Newson said. “It’s opened up a whole different wave of people. I’ve had people from every which way. California, Florida, Arkansas, it’s just been crazy.” 

Many young clients started to flood in to see the hype behind the TikTok account, and Newson said it’s always exciting for them to sit in a chair. 

“The younger kids are always really excited,” Newson said. “Especially because TikTok is really popular for them. They choose to come to us to get the next trendy haircut.” 

Newson said he thinks the TikTok fame is a good thing for Hernando and DeSoto County.

“I think it’s a great thing to get people from all over to come in,” Newson said. “They get to see DeSoto County and Hernando, and I just think it’s a really good thing for the city and county. We’ve got a good thing going here and I want everyone to see that.” 

Newson has a wide range of customers including Mayor Darren Musslewhite of Southaven and local World Series Champion, Austin Riley. Newson said he has hopes for his business to grow in the future.

“There’s some big things coming,” Newson said. “We’re trying to maybe get a shop together in Southaven as well.” 

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